We’re back

I took some time away from Dream Travel Inspire... I wasn't inspired at the time. I lost it. I didn't know where to take it or how to profit from it. It became another expensive hobby to add to my list!!


I let it go. I tried a couple of other things. I finished my book (now that was an achievement!!). 

Domestic Violence on Ice by Melissa Wiringi

But I still wasn't making any money with my online business. Yet, I was determined to make this thing work. Since I was a kid I've known that somehow I would make my money in the online world. 

As I grew older and read books by Robert Kiyosaki and then Richard Branson... And then everything I could about business, I realised I did want some passive income. I didn't want to trade my time for dollars for the rest of my life. 

I tried a few things that were supposed to be passive, but they didn't work for me because I didn't make them work for me. I chose to let them not work. But in the past two years I've grown my commitment. It's for me, my husband and my children so we can have our freedom. 

The first few attempts weren't quite right, but with every little try, I do feel myself getting closer. Now we have been handed an opportunity that seems to be like gold. I've gone ahead and started in the world of affiliate marketing. Something that I had semi tried before with this blog and my travel blog, but to be honest, I didn't know enough about driving traffic and how the process worked. 

When I stumbled upon this business opportunity I felt pretty blessed. Initially I was hesitant, but once I saw a few people making commitments like taking their kids to Disneyland, I realised I had to get over myself and look at what they were doing. Because only five months into their businesses they were making five figures, and I was almost two years in my business and still not breaking even!?!?!?!

I jumped in, and got far more than I expected. I'm getting some very amazing training which provides such depth and detail that anyone could start a business, any business using this system. It has everything done for me, so I don't have to fiddle around with landing pages. No more writing out hours of email auto responders. It is done for me. I think I've possibly found a perfect business that I can grow and then use the knowledge and experience to start any online business I can think of later on!! 

If you're curious to know more, simply click here and you'll be taken to a webinar that explains in a bit more detail about what I'm up to. If you're still curious but not ready, flick me a message and I'm happy to talk you through what I've found and answer any questions you might have. 


About the Author


Melissa is the wife of Rimaha (yes, we are Kiwis) and mother to Noah, Aaliyah and Elijah. She's obsessed with writing books, learning, travelling and making online businesses (for herself, hubby and kids) work so she can live her dream of travelling the world with her children. She currently homeschools while preparing to create a passive income that will meet her family's needs for travelling. Melissa and her family currently reside in the beautiful Central Coast, NSW, Australia.