Update on Travel Plans and Life

We had intended to travel from September 2016. So far we haven’t managed to achieve that goal. Yet. We fell behind on our savings goal due to a mixture of events. My husband had a bad injury at work (his hand was crushed) and then I went back to New Zealand for two months to home birth our baby. I came home and we are almost at our target, but hubby wants to stay at work for a few extra months. He is a bit nervous about relying on his annual leave. I’m all ready to go, but I can see how staying back a few months might help us succeed in long term travel.


Our new baby arrived early in June. He is super handsome but doesn’t really like to sleep. At all. To be honest, he started out an ok sleeper, but after my husband left to go back to work, I found he slept less and less. Since coming back to Sydney in July, I have gone from tired to exhausted, to beyond anything I’ve ever known. I have recently felt like it was easier being a single parent to 2 year old Noah and 3 month old Aaliyah. I guess I was super lucky she was a good sleeping baby!!

So I haven’t done anything with the blog, and I hope I’ll get it up and running gradually over the coming months. We are still homeschooling with Noah, Aaliyah has returned to public school. Once we were home with baby, it was easy for her to play games and disrupt learning. If I had more patience, perhaps if I had more sleep, I may have persisted a bit longer, but I felt it was unfair to Noah.

We have been back for three months so far. In that time we have only had one travel experience I am yet to write about, but we have a couple of trips planned for this month. I am not too sure how much of Australia we will do over the next six months, but I am still determined to reach Europe by April / May 2017!!

So that was all I could type during baby’s short cat nap. I’ll add more another day.


About the Author


Melissa is the wife of Rimaha (yes, we are Kiwis) and mother to Noah, Aaliyah and Elijah. She's obsessed with writing books, learning, travelling and making online businesses (for herself, hubby and kids) work so she can live her dream of travelling the world with her children. She currently homeschools while preparing to create a passive income that will meet her family's needs for travelling. Melissa and her family currently reside in the beautiful Central Coast, NSW, Australia.