Travel Agent Training – Thursday – Week 2

September 2, 2015

Travel Agent Training – Thursday – Week 2

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Someplace in Paros, Greece


First thing this morning we met with Covermore travel insurance to learn about their travel insurance product.

I’d sold travel insurance before, so I had some questions and got some really good answers.

I took away some key points about Covermore Insurance,

  1. They cover natural disasters (many other products don’t)
  2. They are the only Australian travel insurer that is also a member of the International Assistance Group
  3. They cover your frequent flyer miles
  4. They cover a lot more than your credit card insurance will
  5. They don’t cover insolvency (not many insurers do)

I also learned it is compulsory for all agents to offer travel insurance… I didn’t know that!

And my big learning refresh was credit card travel insurance. These types of insurance often have holes. For instance some only allow the card holder to claim, they might not cover cancellation costs, they probably won’t cost natural disasters and they can make it difficult to claim.

All very valid knowledge for my new role. I’m wiser today than yesterday yippee.

We continued our systems learning, booking more fares. We had a sneaky peak at the Residence (a small apartment you can rent for a flight on Etihad). Let’s say I’m sold, I just need to figure out how to pay for it!

The end of the day saw me in the elevator. I have come to the conclusion this job will make for the best elevator conversations. One girl on the ride was talking about her up coming ski trip, she had recently got back from Jamaica and the Caribbean. I can’t wait to have elevator talk like that!


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