Travel Agent Training – Monday – Week Two

August 26, 2015

Travel Agent Training – Monday, Week Two

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This job has me dreaming of my next holiday…

I was really looking forward to day one of travel agent training week two because we were booked in with Infinity for the day. I was excited to learn about what goes on in the background. I was also really interested in how they create holiday packages and help us do our jobs.

We learned a lot about the Infinity product offering, which means now I know who to call when I need help creating magnificent holidays. I  was lucky to meet the people who will be answering my calls. I’ve been told I’ll be ringing them a lot once I start out. They will help me ensure I recommend the best products that really suit my customer. I think I’ll enjoy having this team help me do my job!

Destination training was my highlight. I feel super confident I can sell New Zealand really well. I think I could’ve stolen the trainers job for that part of the presentation. I guess it helps that I’ve lived in so many places in my gorgeous home country. I hope my first in store customer wants a trip to NZ, I think I’ll look like a pro!

I took in everything I could about Bali… It has a place on my everywhere list, although it is below so many other countries and hasn’t been a priority for me. I learned why everyone I know thinks I won’t enjoy Bali. But I also discovered a couple of reasons I might like to go!

I learned a fair bit about Phuket too. I’m certain that will come in handy while I’m organising our family trip next year (pre world trip departure). Although, I honestly feel like I really want to go somewhere else… Before next year. Oh no.

I’m quickly discovering the downside to being a travel agent. I’m already addicted to travel… Now I have all this temptation in front of me. Daily. It’s positively disastrous for my savings plan… I will have to exercise an excessive amount of self control to stay on budget for our world adventure! In saying that, I am sure I’ll have all the ideas and everything for our trip might just come together nicely because of this job… It certainly chose me for a reason 🙂


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