Travel Agent Training – Week One

August 25, 2015

Travel Agent Training – Week One

Vaimaanga, Rarotonga, Cook Islands

Hopefully I can do a bit more of this soon!

Last week I completed my first week in travel agent training. It’s been an experience so far… I’m tired, and totally not used to these early mornings and late nights. It’s absolutely insane. I’ve also had to readjust to commuting to the opposite end of Sydney. I have an hour or more commute each day, which means I have to get out the house at 7am most days. With kids this can be interesting, in particular Miss Aaliyah who always finds something she needs help with at the most inconvenient times! I’ve got so much respect for parents who manage this every day, I’m counting myself lucky it’s only three weeks.

I spent day one in my store. I’m really lucky, my store is located about 15 minutes from my house. Travel and morning wise, it was my easiest day. It’s going to be sweet once I’m in there every day! I really can’t wait to be there! I did a lot of watching and learning. I got to pick up documents off a printer and do some highlighting (the highlight of my day). It was a pretty quiet day for me personally, but it was also an eye opener. My TL had back to back walk ins, so it was almost 3pm before we stopped for lunch. I was advised that’s not necessarily a typical day, but it can happen. I grabbed brochures to take home with me. I also tried to organise a friends honeymoon that’s coming up. But I didn’t have any access to systems which made that one really interesting.

Days two to five were a bit tougher. Honestly, I was quite surprised at how much work is involved in the customer service aspects of training. I knew there was a lot involved, but the hands on service training is more detailed than I expected. I was impressed with the detailed process that takes place before we begin recommending products. I am really grateful for this process as I think this job would be much harder without the guidelines provided!

Going into the training, I expected I’d breeze through effortlessly… I’m quickly realising I’ll need to do a bit of work to pass the test at the end. Yes, I need to pass a test or I’ll lose the job. But hey, I’m ok with this. I’m confident I can pull it all together for the final test. I understand everything beautifully. I just have to do lots of practice to ensure I don’t miss any vital steps.

It’s been a great experience so far. However, I receive homework… So my blog has taken a back seat. I’m on day two, week two now. And I’m starting to feel a little less exhausted. I hope this means I’m adjusting to long hours or something! I plan to be back in action in a big way once I’m on the job. I hope I can share lots of useful bits for all the travellers out there!!


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