Planning world family travel – Part 2

Planning world family travel – Part 2

The journey from Australia, across Asia to Spain


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So the other day I began writing. And didn’t stop. Before I knew it, I had enough text for a chapter in a book. It’s not the one for a blog post though. So I split it. Unfortunately the most recent WordPress update seems to have removed my draft! Oh no. Bugger. Now I have to recreate and it won’t be the same!

This post is option A for the Asian route, Australia to Europe. Currently, we live in Sydney and when we first started investigating world travel, we discovered the cheapest way to travel and experience life on the way to Europe from Australia, is overland through Asia.

I thought it was a great idea. An opportunity to make living in Spain also a world adventure!

I discovered a really great resource for overland travel, Seat61. This site gives you maps, fares, photos and options for your overland journey (it also includes ferries if you like boats).

In just a few hours I’d worked out how we could fly into Singapore and travel through Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam to end up in China. I also found the blog Morgans Go Travelling. This is another kiwi family (with four kids – that’s some inspiration) on an adventure. They share their budgets, photos and experiences. It was another fantastic resource for me to work out a rough idea for expenses throughout Asia.

Now my husband isn’t that excited about travel through Asia. Don’t get me wrong, he’d be happy enough travelling this way (or any way), but Asian countries just aren’t making the top of his “I really want to see places” list.

Me, well I can find bucket list items anywhere in the world. After discovering the blog Nomadasaurus, I found even more inspiration. I’d always wanted to visit Tibet, and how awesome for the kids if they got to travel to the Mt Everest Base camp?! No doubt they’ll encounter this mountain in school, but what’s better than seeing it for real?! Then we saw this post on instagram… Camping on the Great Wall Of China. Let’s just say Rimaha was quickly coming around to the idea!

The final part of this itinerary includes a big bucket list item, the Trans Siberian train. From Beijing to Russia. Russia looks so beautiful. And I won’t deny, I fell in love with St Petersburg because I read the book The Bronze Horseman! I have to see the white nights someday. Rimaha is completely indifferent, he usually is until he arrives some place new!

Have you travelled through these countries? Have you travelled on the Trans Siberian train? Have you done any of these things with your kids? Do you dream of doing these things with your kids? I’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback! Thanks if you take the time to comment šŸ™‚

The option B, the journey through South America, of our adventure to be, isĀ in Part 3.

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Melissa is the wife of Rimaha (yes, we are Kiwis) and mother to Noah, Aaliyah and Elijah. She's obsessed with writing books, learning, travelling and making online businesses (for herself, hubby and kids) work so she can live her dream of travelling the world with her children. She currently homeschools while preparing to create a passive income that will meet her family's needs for travelling. Melissa and her family currently reside in the beautiful Central Coast, NSW, Australia.