Planning world family travel – Part 1

Planning world family travel – Part 1

Of my 110 or so bucket list items, I had two really big goals, one (the easier if the two) was live in a non English speaking country for a year. The other was travel the world with my family for a year. Both of these I thought would take a lot of years saving. They were the bucket list items at the “dream” end of my list. The ones that I really wanted to do, but I  wasn’t really certain I could make them happen.

Last year (2014), after planning and executing our Rarotongan wedding, I got home to Sydney and needed a new challenge to sink my teeth into. I said to Rimaha, “would you live in Spain for a year?” I got a hesitant, “yes”, and that was all I needed. I started googling “travelling with kids”, “families living in Spain”, “living abroad” and every other possibility I could think of. I learnt a few ways to make travel cheaper. I found the World Travel Family blog (I recommend starting here if you are contemplating travelling the world with your family too), and discovered how possible it is to travel abroad long term with children. I was inspired!

So I began telling people here and there, “we are going travelling at the end of next year “, and suddenly I’m being asked the impossible question, “where are you going?” How do I explain this? There’s no simple answer. I generally answer, “well we are going to end up in Spain, but I’m not sure where we will go on the way.”

I have two plans so far… The first one (option A) I’ve worked on involves overland travel through Asia. It’s simple, cheap, easy to research, it has some wonderful places to experience along the way, it’s been well done, there are plenty of blog posts and information for the journey. It’s the easy option.

The second one (option B) is not simple. The Americas. South to North. It seems to be a bit (or a lot) more expensive with a couple of long haul flights. It means we would travel at a slower pace, and perhaps spend a bit more cash along the way. The second option involves going through countries considered by some non travelling people “unsafe”. This option is the one we really want to do. It suits us more than the other. So we are aiming for B, and hopefully A on the way home… And if it doesn’t go to plan, we’ll do A first and do B later on!

I’ll do a couple more posts this week about our potential itineraries… I’d love feedback if you’ve done either of these before, and if you’ve been lucky enough to do both, can we please become really good friends?

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Melissa is the wife of Rimaha (yes, we are Kiwis) and mother to Noah, Aaliyah and Elijah. She's obsessed with writing books, learning, travelling and making online businesses (for herself, hubby and kids) work so she can live her dream of travelling the world with her children. She currently homeschools while preparing to create a passive income that will meet her family's needs for travelling. Melissa and her family currently reside in the beautiful Central Coast, NSW, Australia.